Residential Services

Residential HVAC Albuquerque & Rio Rancho, NM

Service Calls $149 per hour (one hour min.)

Our customers are our number one priority and we go the extra mile making sure we are there when you need us.

After Hours Emergency Service $199 per hour (one hour min.)

Availability is a must, 24 hour on call service assures our customers immediate attention.

Seasonal Changeover $199 per hour (one hour min.)

We can make the change in seasons easier on you. Give us a call to have your system changed over for the season.

Maintenance Agreements

Year Round Service To Ensure Year Round Comfort

We value each one of our customers and continue to strive to deliver the best service we can. Keeping your air conditioning system tuned and serviced helps lower your energy bills and prevents costly repairs. We now offer three different service agreement packages to help you get the most out of you HVAC system and ensure your home and family maintain a year round comfort level.

Standard Maintenance Agreement

Quarterly Maintenance Agreement

Full Maintenance Agreement

Refrigerated Air Conversions

In Southwest cities like Albuquerque, the allure of evaporated air dominated the residential market for years. As time progressed, though, refrigerated air has become the king of air conditioning. Central air systems allow your home to be cooled much more precisely, without annoyances like humidity and open windows. We offer refrigerated air conversions using the industry’s most efficient units. If you want control over your home’s air, we can help you convert to refrigerated air.

Residential Installations

AC installation and conversion have become essential in Albuquerque and the surrounding desert cities. Swamp coolers can only do so much to keep your home cool, but just blow out warm air during the hottest of days. Your air conditioner will also begin to perform poorly with age. An older system could potentially be costing you due to a loss in energy efficiency or leaving you uneasy about breaking down altogether.
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